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Forums     Plugins     Pristine Space PS 1.5 gives slowdown

OK, one more try:

Beta 1.5.3

no change here ...

That's weird.  OK, I will be looking for yet another solution.  Do you know if I can get the same 'slowdown' in a more conventional audio programs?

Asking this again: Do you experience this sluggishness when opening user interface of Pristine Space or just loading the plug-in, without opening the UI?

One radical test version (without the IR screen):

Beta 1.5.4

I do not have to open the interface.

As soon as the plugin is in the mixer, even bypassed and empty, it happens.

It even happens if the complete plugin is muted (in Soundscape we can make mixer elements inactive, like muting the plugin instead of just the audio passing through the plugin).

1.5.4 = same result ...

It should not be in the user interface, as I also have this when the plug is completely disactivated.

I think it all started when you were trying to get the dynamic rerouting & nr of channels.

I must somehow be related to the interfacing between PS and the mixer.

Thank you for your ideas!  I'll look into routing then.  The problem is, nothing in the audio processing department has been changed since the very first version - beside some VST interfacing elements like channel connections negotiation.  UI part has been changed as well.

So, this has something to do with VST interfacing then.

Just a thought - could you try the latest Crunchessor?  It uses something similar to the latest Pristine Space in the VST interfacing department (4 inputs, 2 outputs).

Thank you for testing so far!

Yes, but it does not have dynamic routing.

I tried Crunchessor - works perfect, no issues.

I repeat for clarity : if I open a mixer WITHOUT pristine space, and then insert PS and configure a preset, there is NO PROBLEM !

When I save the mixer, from then on the system behaves slower.

When I reconfigure the mixer, things get back to speed.

When I resave, slow again etc etc.

When I OPEN a mixer which uses the new PS version, it behaves slow from the start.

I will post this once more in the Soundscape Beta forum.

Which configuration are you using in Pristine Space (no. of inputs, outputs, latency)?  Have you tried to change these settings to see if some of them work?

I usually run it 6in/6out.

I now tried 2in/2out - same result.

A Soundscape developer said :

"The only thing I can think of, is when you save a mixer file, ssEditor asks the plug-in for the preset data, and vice versa, when a mixer is opened, it stores preset data in the plug-in again.  So perhaps something is wrong with the preset data management in PS?"

It is true that the slowdown seems to coincide with the first versions that lost their presets when opening on my system (I mean with presets incompatible to previous versions).

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