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On my Soundscape system, using the new 1.5 version causes the mixer and edits to get very sluggish (everything is delayed about 0.5 second).

Editing the mixer cures the problem, until I save the mixer.  Then everything gets sluggish again !

What happened between 1.4a and 1.5 to make this happen ?

(I was still using 1.4a)

Pristine Space is the only VST plugin that triggers this behaviour in Soundscape, and then only the new version.



Do you experience the same problem with other Voxengo plug-ins?  For example, the latest GlissEQ (beta) Crunchessor and Marquis Compressor?

Do you experience this sluggishness when opening user interface of Pristine Space or just loading the plug-in?

Also, could you rollback to v1.4a and check this again?

I did, and 1.4a solves the problem.

Going back to 1.5 reintroduces the problem.

But editing the Soundscape mixer (ie moving an object, or changing a buss) solves the problem - UNTIL I just save the mixer, then everything is slow again.

Will check with glissEQ and Marquis.

Can you test a couple of Pristine Space versions I can send you, if you have time?  If you can, please send me a message to

You can mail a few versions to the address I sent you.

PS 1.4a is fine, the next ones I have are 1.4f and h, they also have this behaviour - but I did not test those because the presets were incompatible (this has been resolved now in my DAW, so now I was using the latest version)

GlissEQ and Marquis are OK - no slowdowns here !


any thoughts yet about the difference between 1.4a and 1.5 ref this slowdown ?

Please test this version I've uploaded to temp folder:

PS beta 1.5.2

No difference.

The system still behaves sluggish until I edit the mixer and don't save ...

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