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I am a new user of Pristine Space.  I was awed by the free SIR program and then tried the free Voxengo.  I though I'd go for it and buy Pristine Space.  But now I'm wondering....because each time I load a new Impulse it sounds the same as the last one.  Each Impulse sounds like a massive overload of reverb.  How do I control this monster plug-in?  All I'm looking for is a clean representation of the actual Impulse loaded...and then I can play with it.  I got a clean representation of the actual Impulse loaded with SIR and am feeling a little dissappointed (and overwhelmed?) by the possiblitites of Pristine Space.  Where do I start?  Wang

Please make sure A.Gain (Auto Gain) switch is enabled on the screen.  Without Auto Gain enabled impulse response usually sounds VERY loud.  Another step is to adjust Main WET Gain (which is located in bottom right corner of the UI).

Usually Pristine Space is not a problem for SIR users - as far as I know, some existing Pristine Space users were using SIR in the past.

Moreover, there is User's Manual available for Pristine Space which describes all features of the plug-in.

Thank you very much...I'm sometimes a bit slow with new bits of software and technology and I have to admit, I'm getting a bit lost with the terminology.  Thank you again.  Wang

You are welcome!  Hope this problem was resolved for you after all.

It's really worth taking the time to learn this tool.

Once you get there, all sorts of interesting possibilities occur....

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