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Fly Mastering: Mastering, Restoration & Mixing services:

With 30+ years experience in music production and an extensive set of high end tools, Fly Mastering can cover all your needs - from the modest single to the most extensive multi-track mix + stereo & stem master, with high quality control CD & DDP deliverables.  Our Restoration Services are second to none (except perhaps the NSA).

Music, Sound Design & Foley services for film / video: for examples see

Our modern version of 'Radio Mystery Theater, with podcast shows of 'weird fiction' and 'Supernatural Horror'.

George Piazza - keyboards, guitar, bass, vocals, studio & live engineer; began w/ piano at age 8; picked up guitar at age 13.  After playing in several groups, GP became the founding member of the New Orleans progressive rock group Tabula Rasa, enjoying some success from 1987 - 1992, and 2008 - 1012.

From 1994 - 1996, members of TR formed a new project Machine Screw, an Industrial Tribal Rock group that had the distinction of being the first band to multicast a live music show over the Internet (6-7-1994, The Black Cat, Austin, Tx.), a feat the band repeated several times over the next year; this led to wide media attention, including a segment on the Discovery Channel show 'Cyberspace', along with Laurie Anderson.

George also performed with 'Multiple Places' (keys), 'Electric Funeral' (bass) a Black Sabbath tribute band, Liquid Bridge, Royal Falcon Service, Universe / Tape Band (guitar, keys, tape loops, piano harp), etc.

George engineered and produced Tabula Rasa's 1st CD in 1990, and went on to engineer / produce numerous CDs from Buttermilk, Change To Eden, Banda Logun, Cyril Neville and many others.  G also engineered at several studios in the early 90's, including Festival, CTE Studio & Benway, the first all digital project studio in New Orleans (1994 - Session 8).

GP set out to master the art of Mastering in 2008, leading to a long collaboration with singer / songwriter John Grant and pre-mastered / mixed CDs for many other groups, including Donald Harrison Jr. & the Tipitina's Interns, Lenny Green, Norco Lapalco, Life Without Elvis, One-Champ, etc.

In 2014, GP joined with artist & long-time friend Jack Elder to produce a series of radio-oriented 'weird fiction' stories under the nomen 'Tomb of the Mysteries'.

George has won several awards, including a service award for composing music for 'The Hunger Project', a series of public service spots for the Second Harvester's Food Bank (1995).

His group Machine Screw damn near landed a gig to provide music for Tim Burton's 'Mars Attacks', but the group had reached it's run..  Members did provide music for the film 'Zombie vs.  Mardi-Gras' (1997), which GP denies having any participation in (though his memory of that time is a little fuzzy)..