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aka Ric (the) Obscene

I am a SCADA EEIC technician / programmer by day, primary creative force for ElektroKelt & The Razorwire Ballet by night.  I'm not a fan of genres, but the music is in the Electroindustrial / EBM range of the musical spectrum.  ElektroKelt has an Irish / Celtic flair; The Razorwire Ballet is harsh, but pure 4 on the floor.  Both acts feature harsh, brutal, aggressive, controversial and confrontational material.

I'm American born and Irish bred.

I'm strong in the arm, but use brains instead.

I am a human rights advocate and non-violent activist.

I am not a Christian.  I am somewhat of philosopher and hold to Gnostic beliefs centered around the teachings of Jesus Christ, but abhor the dogmatic emptiness that defines Christianity.

Other descriptive items include husband of over 20 years, father to an autistic child, veteran, Freemason, idealistic but cynical.

Thank you for reading.