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I'm very interested in using this plugin in Sonar 3 when mixing.  I noticed that to use the plugin, the host application should have delay compensation (which Sonar has) and a freeze type function.  I don't think Sonar has a freeze function...

Is anyone currently using the PHA in Sonar 3?  Any tips or comments on its use? or any comments in general on how well it works?



Freeze function availability was just a recommendation.  You don't need it to run PHA-979.


I purchased the PHA-979 plugin and think it sounds amazing.  Unfortunately, it seems to be causing problems in Sonar 3.11.

The problem started after adding a few envelopes to two different tom tracks.  These tracks had a PHA on each of them to help with the sound.  Worked great.  Sounded great.  I also had one on top snare and the bass DI track.  All working with the cpu meter about 55% Then after a while, the envelope would stop responding to the gain it was supposed to acheive.  The envelope was cutting the toms down to -36db when the toms were not hit - up to 0db when they were.  I removed the PHA-979 from the inserts on all tracks and the track volume envelope started working again as it should.

Weird thing is...I wanted to confirm that it was indeed the I inserted another PHA on the snare track.  Then instant dropout (I have plenty of power).  So, I deleted that instance of the PHA and pressed play...fine...envelopes dropouts.  I tried to insert the PHA on several different tracks (just one instance) and it would cause an instant dropout.

Any ideas?



I believe this problem has something to do with envelopes in Sonar when Cakewalk VST Adapter is being used, any VST plug-in loaded.  I experienced this in Sonar 2.2.  I'll keep watching this area.  Meanwhile, could you check some other VST plug-in or two against this problem?

I just wanted to point out that Cakewalk finally acknowledged that there is a flaw in the Sonar 3 audio engine dealing with delay compensation and how their automation envelopes work.  Here’s a snippet from their forum:

[Hi all,

This is in response to the various message threads regarding problems reported with envelope automation.  At the risk of being lost in a sea of messages, I am replying with a new thread.

First of all, I'd like to apologize for the delayed response.  We do in fact monitor the forum even though we may not reply right away.  In this case we were investigating the reported problem and wanted to make sure we knew all the facts in order not to post any incorrect or misleading information.

With the help of many of you, we have finally identified the cause of the problem.  As some of you may have discovered, this problem only affects plug-ins with delay latency compensation.  The good news is that we know how to address this issue; the bad news is that this requires a very significant code change, and will unfortunately have to wait until the next major release of SONAR.  There are no further patches planned for SONAR 3, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.  We will work diligently to make sure this issue is completely addressed in the next version of SONAR, and we appreciate you patience.


Morten Saether

Product Manager]

The PHA plug-in rocks and can be used in Sonar 3 just fine.  If you are using envelopes, you may want to get the PHA sounding how you want it your project AS a new project...then apply the effect under apply audio effects.  You can then add envelopes and all should be fine as long as the other plugin’s you’re using don’t mess around.


Thank you for this information!
This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.