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Hello! :D

I am correcting a problem of phase of an electric guitar and I love the plugin Voxengo PHA-979.

I have found how to solve the problem of phase of my guitar, but before proceeding any further, I would get with the plugin Voxengo PHA-979 (without applying the phase correction still) an identical (or very close) audio signal to the original audio signal (the instrument of the guitar would not have added the plugin Voxengo PHA-979).

I've done tests, but I think I don't get it, I've tried with different configurations, such as Delay mode, or change the different available FPS, 40, 50, 60, etc., but can not get the same original signal with the plugin activated.

Please, how can I get the same original signal with Voxengo PHA-979 activated plugin?.


Sorry for my English, if there is any word that is not understood, I'm using a web translator.

Thank you very much. :)

PHA-979 plugin performs processing, so it cannot produce an exactly the same signal as original.  It is very close to the original, but processed anyway.

Hello :)

Ah, agreement, thank you. :D

Sorry for the text of the title of my post, I thought that had translated it into English, I apologise, I've fixed it now, I knew that they are supported only English texts in the Forum.

Then, do you think that I could get even closer to the original signal up the fps from 40 to 60 within Voxengo plugin?.  Which can be the best configuration to get a signal best close to the signal original?. ^_^

I will continue to do tests.

Best regards. :)

FPS setting does not affect sound, it only affects visual display refresh rate.

Aleksey I am grateful.

Although I if I noticed any difference to change the different FPS, slightly sharper higher FPS becomes the audio (in the sharpest parts of the signal) signal, I have tried it.

Well, after all the tests, I already have the best configuration.

Thank you very much for all my friend. :)

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