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Forums     Plugins     PHA-979 Auto-limit stereo-field?

During mastering I sometimes run into an issue where a song is generally fine with regard to its stereo-image, until a single passage or single sound in the song shows up at almost 180 degrees (the red section on the correlometer).

For those instances where I don't have access to the multi-tracks, I have a difficult time correcting for these smaller passages.

The song may generally be in the green.

So my question; would you consider developing a feature, either for the PHA-979, or perhaps for a new dedicated plugin to deal with this issue, that automatically limits those peaking-moments without decreasing the stereo-field while it's in the green?

Maybe just a simple algorithm that auto-adjusts the side-mix button toward mono whenever the stereo-field slides into the yellow and red area?  Preferably with an attack and decay option as well to adjust how quickly it makes these adjustments.

Maybe an entirely new plugin just for this.

Thanks :)


My platform: Win7 home premium x64 // I use Voxengo 32bit & 64bit VST plugs in Reaper 5.x 32bit and 64bit

The idea is understandable and indeed is good for a separate plug-in, but at the moment I have no working technique for changing the phase of individual bands that does not create spectral dips at crossover points.
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