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Forums     Plugins     PHA-979 Bug in 2.2 with Cubase 6.0.0

There's an GUI Bug in V.2.2. if I put the plugin in the master Channel of Cubase 6.  The knobs are not turning and the values are not changing, if I do something - but the sound is changing.

Which OS are you using, and how many screen monitors?

Oh Yes sure - Sorry for this -

Using a Macbook 13" OSX 10.6.6. with a 22" external Monitor.

lqud: Oh Yes sure - Sorry for this -

lqud: Using a Macbook 13'' OSX 10.6.6. with a 22'' external Monitor.

Unfortunately, it's a known problem that currently available Voxengo plug-ins do not work on a secondary display on Mac OS X.  They can only be used on a primary display.  We are working on a fix to this issue - hopefully it will be fixed when we move to 64-bit Mac OS X releases.

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