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After struggling with a mix for a while I started to investigate phase which brought me to downloading the demo of PHA -979.  It sounded just like what I needed and on my first go using it my acoustic guitar track came to life, so I thank you.  I did notice a few odd things happening and since I don't understand phase as well as I should, was wondering if I could ask a question or two.  So far I have found that with two mics on a single source, with some careful eq and panning I can make them 95 - 100% mono compatible when panned together, which is great. once you go beyond +/- 45 degrees (panning) anti-phase kicks in.  What is anti-phase and should it be avoided at all costs?  I thought it was commonplace to pan guitar tracks hard left/right but I cant without some anti-phase taking place.  Should I try and keep the correlation meter all the way to the top (1) or just as long as it stays in the positive figure, not going into the red at all.  Also when using a distorted guitar track (which I doubled, panned hard left/right and flipped the phase on one track) I noticed that (when using waves Analyzer) that the entire signal goes to the anti-phase portion of the display even though I can still hear the signal.  When the phase on the track is un-done the signal jumps straight to the center of the mix.  By shifting the left track in time (in PHA-979) I was able to bring some movement back into the stereo field but there was still some remaining in the anti-phase section.

I hope this all makes sense and I look forward to your reply,


It is enough to keep correlation in the range 0 to 1, so it's a pretty wide "allowance region" overall.  Actually, if you want "wide" stereo guitar you should try to achieve correlation values around 0.

However, if correlation meter constantly reads "red" in some frequency areas, this should be fixed by some means (delaying or phase aligning).

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