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i just bought every plug-in from voxengo. i am new to the mastering world. i have a track that the stereo field is not right. what i mean by not right is both channels are the same. when i got the track it was converted to mono then converted again to stereo. the guy wants the stereo field corrected and i dont know how to do that. the actual song from the cd the left channel is smaller than the right channel if that makes sense,but when looking at the waveform it looks the same. when you play the actual song the vu meter is different. it seems like the snare and kick drum are on tact. the actual song is the song version i have the instrumental version the guy wants the instrumental version. sorry for the confusion i dont know the correct term. i wanna say panning. if it is panning i dont know how to use the pha-979. i dont understand the knobs. the user manual didnt help. if i have to upload both the song and instrumental so you can see what i am talking about i will do that.

I'm not really sure what you are talking about.  Stereo field of a full mix can be narrowed with the free MSED plug-in.  PHA-979 is mainly designed for mixing.  I suggest you to ask your question on more crowded forums like - these Voxengo forums are mainly for technical support and problem resolution.

(and please contact me via Support link above about your purchase, where you've got your Voxengo plug-ins - I do not see any purchases associated with your Voxengo account)

thnaks aleksey for responding. i am on someone elses computer. anyway i am going to ask my question on another forum, but in the mean time can you download this 10 second sample that i will provide. if you have audio software soundforge or cubase etc.. look at the waveform and the vu meters. you will notice the right channel is bigger than the left channel. there is a term for this and i dont know what it is or how to do it.

I do not think you can pan this to center easily - the song should be remixed.
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