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Hello.  I am very much new to the theories/concepts of phase issues and the PHA 979 is intriguing to me.  The problem is...I am not sure if I know how to use it correctly.  My situation is as follows: I use mostly virtual instruments and I have been displeased with how thin and 2 dimensional my mixes have been.  In other forums it has been suggested that maybe phase issues may be a problem in some of the libraries that I use.  I tend to use mainly orchestra sounds and many of these may have been recorded with multiple mics.  So,my question is,how would I insert/route the PHA in order to perhaps check if phase might be a problem AND what /how should I test my tracks(most of them are stereo)?  I hope I have been clear.



First of all, I suggest you to study PHA-979's user guide.

Then you may try inserting the plug-in to some tracks and use its phase rotation function to hear if it helps or not.  Note that PHA-979 is used during mixing, not over the whole mix.  So, you have to align tracks to each other.

As far as orchestral recordings are concerned, I think this may be also problem of the instrument recordings themselves - it is common to record orchestra at a distance while this tends to produce a thinner sound than a close-micing.

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