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Forums     Plugins     PHA-979 Tracks and the correlation meter

I'm assuming that there would be one instance of the PHA-979 on each track that's being phase adjusted.

I also assume that the correlation meter monitors the effect of phase adjustments across two or more tracks simultaneously.

Are these assumptions correct?  If so, is the correlation meter loaded on the mix buss?

By default, correlation meter measures correlation of Left and Right channels of the same stereo track.

But in certain hosts like Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Cakewalk Sonar and others you may route a side-chain signal to it - in that case you can measure correlation across tracks.

In no way PHA-979 measures correlation across several tracks "automatically" - you have to configure it first.

Is the stereo correlation meter the same plug instance as the one that manipulates phase?

I'm just trying to figure out digital routing -- how to use it.  I'll probably download later today and give it a spin.

Yes, it is the same plug-in.  The meter is shown on a separate window, though.
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