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a small feature request I have for PHA-979:

At the bottom of the Delay section it would be nice to have readouts for the delay in "Samples".


-> using PHA-979 as Delay

-> when not needing the other features of PHA-979 I might decide to switch to Sample Delay instead (because it introduces no latency)

=> now it would be nice to know the exact values in "Samples"

Well, latency can't be disabled - most VST implementations do not allow it in real-time.

Beside that, for sample-accurate adjustment it's better to use Sound Delay plug-in because it offers a good adjustment precision.

40millisecond range translates to 3840 samples at 96kHz.  Such value range can't be controlled conveniently with a single knob.  I generally do not see a reason to implement such sample readout: PHA-979 is designed for plain audio, not for sample-accurate adjustments which are not even consistent with sample rate.

Yeah I know.  Not a big deal.
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