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just found a small bug in PHA-979 2.0:

-> disable "Phase" section

-> enable "Force Mono

-> disable "Force Mono"

=> ...

FIXED (2.0.1)

Thanks for the problem report - it will be fixed in the next update.

Cool, thanks!


I just found another bug.  This time a pretty nasty one.  It makes REAPER (3.beta9) to crash:

-> open REAPER

-> add one audio track

-> load PHA-979

-> now just tweak the PAN knob several times

=> at some point REAPER crashes

FIXED (2.0.1)

Thank you for the report.  There was an obvious mistake in the code - I will release a fix in several days.  I'm sorry for the problem.

Cool, thanks!

Without waiting for too much time - I have posted beta version 2.0.1 - I will release it as 2.1 soon.  Please check it out - it also fixed enable/disable behavior.

Yep, both problems seem to be fixed!  Many thanks!

Thanks for checking it out!
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