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I see some confusion over the use of this plug in, so let me tell you how I use it:

When I have 2 kicks layered or 2 basses (or anything layered, but kicks and basses are the main interest), I insert the PHA in one of the 2 mono channels and do some alignment in order to achieve the best possible phase relationship between the two.  That is, to achieve the phase cancellations I might want at some frequencies or to have a better defined transient or a fuller body.

I use the main knob to get to the point where I get the least desirable effect (maybe serious cancellation of crucial drum frequencies) and then simply invert that (make the reading below from 0 degrees to 180 or vice versa).

Then, once the kick layers are fine, i proceed with the bass layers, fix their relations between each other, and then repeat the process between the kicks buss and the basses buss.

Those lower frequencies really need alignment.  Try it!

I hope that was helpful.

Thanks for sharing with your experience!

No, thank YOU for that tool.  Some may deem it trivial, but it is not.

There is a freeware plug-in that says it does the same thing, but your implementation is way better.

I wonder if you could upgrade it by adding a new feature: frequency-dependent phase shifting.  I've used something of that kind and found it quite useful.  Well, I don't want to say who its manufacturer is in the forum, but maybe you know.

Frequency-dependent phase shifting can add much clarity in a recording, and to make that simple, I'll use the example of a drum -yes, again!

Maybe you have got a sample that has a weird, smeared envelope.  The attack transient is dull, muffled or there is the usual lower mid-range mud lurking.  Using that kind of phase shifting, and by mixing the wet with the dry signal, you can cancel out the freqs you don't like.  You have a 180 rotation at the most problematic freq and the farthest you go from that freq the less rotation occurs, ie. less and less cancellation.

Moreover, by shifting the phase of certain freqs within a sound, you can achieve a better balance of that sound, cuz, you know it's not only the freq components of a sound that make it distinct, but the phase relationships between these freqs, as well.

Yes, that's the way BBE works, too.

Now, for the PHA, it would be great if one could have that 2 in 1 thing: both linear and non-linear phase shifting.  It would make the plug much more popular and so much complete.

Think of the best implementation you can, Aleksey.  I trust you.


Yes, in another thread I was speaking about such phase-dependent alignment - I do have plans to implement such feature in PHA-979 in the future.  The hardware tool you are probably mentioning is IBP Phase alignment device.

OK, I'm in the making of my first project in Cubase 4 and I've already used PHA in 2 places, as described above.

If it would be possible that I post some samples for comparison before and after applying PHA, to make my previous points clearer to the novices and those who are still confused over this plug and can't figure out its uses and usefulness, it would be great.

I really want to make you see that this is a great but overstated and overlooked plug-in!

(Oh, and yes, before I got a decent sound card I could not hear the difference clear enough on my monitors to make the right adjustments on the PHA.  Now I own a Phase 22, everything is fine, ie I can hear how great a difference the PHA makes.)

If you can host examples somewhere, just post a link to them here.
This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.