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Hi Aleksey, I have been having trouble in Tracktion de-matrixing a mid/side recording by multing the single figure 8 track, reversing the phase, panning the 2 side tracks left & right and rendering the 3 tracks (mid track panned zero) to a single stereo track.  PHA-979 is the only plug-in I have tried that seems to work.

I'm not sure I'm using it correctly; on the "left" side track I leave the L&R phase zero and just pan the signal Left 95; on the "right" side track I phase Right 180 and pan the signal right 95.

If I combine the original mid and side tracks into one stereo track can I use your mid/side plug-in to render again to a left/Right stereo track?


You should also be able to use the M/S decoder plug from the original M-S files as well.

I don't know traction, but is it possible to create subgroups?

If so, create a stereo subgroup and set the pan on the M file to hard left, and the pan on the S file to hard right.

Route these to the stereo group with the MS Decoder inserted in decode mode so it will put the M-S back into L-R.

If subgroups are not supported, you can always try inserting the MS decoder into the stereo master buss, and setting the panners on the original M-S tracks in the same way.

I don't think that PHA-979 will do what you need it to.

Remember M-S from L-R is obtained by doing (L+R) (L-R) to give a sum and a difference as M & S.

PHA-979 will manipulate the phase of the tracks, but not MS matrices.

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Indeed, PHA-979 is not related to M/S matrixing.  You may use the free MSED plug-in for M/S decoding.

Gentlemen, thank you for your kind replies.  I have yesterday recorded a mid and side pair on a DAT and brought them into the studio computer, split them into two mono files and done as you suggested with the updated MSED 1.3 positioned across the master buss with the suggested panns.  When I alter the Mid Gain knob there is a corresponding gain change; when I move the Side Gain nothing appears to happen and I never hear the washy/verby room sound which I can get when I mute the mid mic in analogue.  I know the soundspaces I'm recording in and my analogue matrixing results are satisfactory.  I did not know that the MSED plug-in expects each signal to be panned to either side because as you know in analogue land, the mid signal is left at zero and the side +/- blends are panned only.  Tracktion is in most respects a useful and intuitive DAW.  Could you reply with a beginner's procedure for Cubase for this issue, which having owned for a couple of years, I have never been able to get it to do much; I do all my midi in Finale and don't have a need for a drum-kit.

Thank you

MSED expects two channel input, with mid channel panned hard left and side channel panned hard right.  It won't work otherwise.  So, you'll need to combine mid and side channels into two-channel signal.

As for how to do this in Cubase, I suggest you to read its manual or ask a question on Cubase forums.

This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.