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Forums     Plugins     Marquis Compressor Still really missing the sound of Marquis 1.4

It seems that no matter what I do, I just can't get Marquis 2.x to sound anywhere near as good as 1.4.  Alexey, will you consider adding more of what made v1.4 amazing to v2.x?  Some control on program dependency and knee controls?

The attack sounds incredibly different on v1.4 and v2.x in T3 mode.

There was really something absolutely special about Marquis 1.4.  I've been revisiting many old projects and realising just how much I miss it.  Marquis 2.x truly sounds nothing like 1.4 at all and its character just doesn't have that special vibe that made me (and likely others) fall in love with the original.

The Drive cotrol also seems to add distortion even when at -20 while Marquis 1.4 was extremely smooth.

I want to upgrade to support Voxengo and bring Marquis back into my sessions, but I just can't bring myself to do it with the new version.

I'm sorry to hear v2 sounds unsatisfactory to you.  Unfortunately, v1.4 now sounds unsatisfactory to me, so what I've done is "refined" algorithms in v1.4 and implemented them in v2.  I will probably add an additional "off" amp mode to v2 so that almost no coloration is applied.

Thanks for your reply Alexey, I'm happy to try the plugin again when you allow an off option for the amp control.

I think the real core of my problem is that 1.4 was much more versatile and I can't really get the same sound from 2.x.

To clarify, I'm not referring to the phase rotation / blurring that was happening in 1.4.  I'm referring to characteristics of the attack and release stages, and program dependent compression.

Kindest Regards


Dear Aleksey

I would also still like to see a wet/dry mix knob, like on V1.4.

kind regards


Hey Aleksey, I've spent more time with Marquis v2 and it is definitely better than I gave it credit for.

Still, even with V-Soft mode and Drive at -20db, the plugin adds harmonics to the signal under heavy compression.  This was not a characteristic of Marquis 1.4 which was typically much smoother.  Is it possible to have an OFF option in the Amp section to completely disable tube processing?

I would also really love to see a Knee control return.

Also curious, how does one adjust the release contour / program dependency in v2?  Can you maybe give us your point of view on why this feature wasn't necessary to re-implement in v2 so we can understand the reasoning?

Truly, the Marquis algorithm is incredible, and luckily most of the compression characteristics are there in v2, but it's the inability to disable harmonic distortion and those extra controls actually make it less powerful than 1.4 :)

Either way, really appreciate what you're doing, keep up the amazing work!


I have released v2.2 which features "saturation enable" switch.

Knee control is not planned for implementation.  Program dependency controls in v1.4 were not quite effective by my current level of understanding, they basically adjusted release times and slightly affected overall dynamic response.  I had to move forward and weight in UI complexity matters.  The "New" compressor mode without program dependency was a main driver for the Marquis update and it's main selling point at this time.

Thank you so much Aleksey, I'll be buying a copy in the coming days.



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