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Forums     Plugins     Marquis Compressor "Phasy" sound from v1 - can this be added to v2?

v1 of Marquis Compressor has a very particular charm that I've never been able to find a replacement for, and v2 doesn't quite have it.  I think it's down to the "Phasy" sound option more than anything else.

Is it possible to implement this in v2?

I understand that Phasy sound had some specific charm, but I've decided to remove such huge phase non-linearity from the plugin, so this feature won't be implemented.

That phasy sound is a big part of dance music productions these days, and there's a lot of plugins out there that impart that kind of sound in a really over-the-top way, but there's something about the way it was done in Marquis v1 that was just right IMO - not too little, not too much.

Is there any way you'd reconsider?  Even as an easter egg for v1 owners who really, *really* miss v1 Phasy mode? :)

Sorry, no plans to replicate this kind of sound.
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