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Hi Aleksey,

I like this new (old) compressor.

Already liked the V1 and it seems you found a good compromise to take the sound from V1 and put it into a new and more user friendly GUI.

Really like the small brush up in design. (Compared to Deft Compressor and Crunchessor)

Soundwise I like the Release-Times very much.  Dont know how to say but seems to react very musical.

The parameter readouts and meters are well arranged.  Love that in/out readout - makes it very comfortable to match levels.

The 3 modes are nicely choosen.

Legacy T1 works very nice on most things.

If I want it more clean I use "New" mode

Legacy T3 I like for my Electric Guitars

Found just two small things that I might like to see changed:

1. the Auto makeup doesnt work as smooth as the one in Deft Compressor

I have to adjust the Out Gain whenever I change the threshold

2. the G/R meter doesnt seem to follow the actual release times proberly

From what I hear the release is somewhat slower and more complex

Thanks.  I've reworked Auto makeup gain, and it may work differently, unfortunately I can't work on it further without breaking backwards compatibility, so it's a miss I can fix only in some other major version update.

GR meter displays average gain reduction, so it catches fast gain changes mainly.

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