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Hello, I've recently reassembled my DAW after several years of not doing much with music.  In the past I thought Marquis was the best sounding compressor I'd ever used, and my goto compressor plugin.  One of the few I could push all the way to distortion and get warmth instead of digital mud.  I was REALLY surprised to find it delisted from the products pages.  I had to find an old C-Net download just to install the plugin, thankfully my key still worked.

So is this being phased out?  This seems bizarre to me, as honestly it sounds better than Crunch or Deft to my ears.  Is something meant to replace it?  If so will there be a crossgrade offer?


a long time Voxengo lover

It became commerically unimportant hence it was delisted.

Note that you can download Marquis at the User Area, it's not completely vanished.

I have added a crossgrade path from Marquis to Deft.

Ah, sorry to hear that.  I'll still be using the plugin regardless.  I did see the download link in the user area, however it linked to the (former) product page which was a file not found.

Dear Aleksey,

But will Marquis be ported to the new format?

I think this will make it commercially important again.

It's my go to compressor on both drums and mastering, and one of the reason I still cling to 32 Bit.


marquis eq is the best to treat the lows of my kicks!


Oh man, really?  Marquis is a completely different compressor to Daft, there's no way that Daft can even come close to replicating what Marquis can do, trust me I've tried.

What a sad day in plugin history :(

Yeah, I seriously don't understand this.

Whenever Aleksey releases a new compressor plugin, I test it ..and find it can't match Marquis.

I still don't understand why one of his most relevant plugins as been left behind in the dirt.  Perhaps he coded it with a girlfriend and they don't speak anymore.  Perhaps he ripped a hole in the space-time continuum while developing it Perhaps it drove him mad.

In all seriousness, this plugin is a secret weapon and I'm just lucky that REAPER has an amazing plugin bridge.

Dear Aleksey, I truly hope you change your mind one day.

Best regards,

Dax Liniere.

Dax Liniere

Record producer | Mixer | Engineer


London, UK.

I would agree with the above comments.  I'd love for this to become available for use on the mac.  I used to use this extensively 6 or 7 years ago on my mastering chain, and it's the one plugin I miss the most from my PC music days.  I'd love to see this ported

I would also like to see this compressor updated as I find it very musical and easily one of the best compressors out there.  Luckily it works with jBridge.

I totally agree with you folks.  I just don't understand his marketing strategy (if there is one).  The good/useful plugins are phased out to make room for boring, semi-useful or just plain non-useful ones.

What SHOULD be happening?  We should have a 64-bit Windoze & OSX version of the VST & AU (of OSX).  THEN we'd be getting somewhere.  Oh well, I guess that's why I haven't purchased anything here in a LONG while.  Who wants to buy stuff with such a limited life span?

This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.