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Forums     Plugins     LF Max Punch Hi have found a nasty bug with 12 db octave filter in punch module

Hi there you won't believe what is happening, but it is basically doing some sort of phase reversal.

I was soloing a drum bus on my project, and no matter how many times i tried, the moment i enabled LF max punch, the hihat/shaker loop would disappear!

Then after some massive deduction time LOL i worked out what was happening.  I had a copy of that shaker loop going to the master out on a separate track, and also the original version going to the drum bus where LFMP was installed.  When the 12 db filter is selected on the upper left, it almost completely cancels the sound out.

You can test this in a much simpler fashion.  Create just simple two audio tracks in a blank project playing the same file.  Install LFMP on one of them and choose the 12 db filter and watch the sound almost null!

12db is the only setting this happens, and happens to be my favourite filter setting for the punch in most cases.

I guess this could cause problems in mixes with frequency overlapping? even from not identical sources?

Version 1.4 mac au logic 9.1.8

i was wanting to add some warmth and low end to the drum bus, and was comparing LFMP, waves maxx bass and ssl duende drum enhancer plugin.

And the other two were working great and every time i enabled LFMP as said the hi hat shaker disappeared.

Oh, i tried all oversample settings to see if it made a difference. if minimum phase OS is selected, because for some reason latency comp does not work properly in that mode for any of your plugins, the shaker did come back.  But i choose to spend the cpu and latency and have linear phase oversample for all my voxengo plugins. in this case latency is reported 100% correctly and the cancellation as described above also occurred at any OS setting.

This is not really a bug, it's a way 12 dB/oct filter works - its higher part is almost phase-reversed.  Please use 6 or 24 dB/oct filter when such problem exists.



ps any chance you can tell me the reason?

the 12db is the sweet spot on LF max punch to control the overall "oomph" of what is being added.  I would rather use that one most times over the 6 and 24.

PS Aleksey also please note my minimum phase oversample latency report which affects *all* your plugins.

The reason is that crossover filters are not linear-phase.

Minimum phase oversample latency is unfixable, because it introduces non-linear phase delay.

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