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Forums     Plugins     LF Max Punch Mid Side operation bugs..!?

Hi Aleksey

Just used this in a project.  I think it needs some bug fixing!

These are my findings: In M-S mode the monitor knob picks the wrong channel, moreover the crossover frequency skews the M-S balance at -12 db, as far as I can hear...



The Monitor switch works correctly - you just have to engage it on both channels OR if you need soloing, please additionally use the Solo switch in the group selector.

The problem with crossover can raise if you have set different crossover frequencies or crossover steepness.  They have to be synchronized on Mid and Side channels to not cause any interference.

A future major update will lock crossover and DC filter on all channel groups so that phases are always synchronized.  But I can't implement this right away due to backwards compatibility requirement.

Ok Thanks for the info!

You are welcome!
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