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hi aleksey.. i was wondering if there can be a possibility to add width control switch to the puncher mode. you know, to increase/decrease the area of interest around the centre frequency..e.g. punch mode in pspaudioware's mixbass where the Q is adjustable..just a suggestion..

also..can the "puncher" effect be mabe a little bit more pronounced (without using the lf gain that is... or should i use that in conjunction)?

I personally do not think having control over Q is anything useful - narrower Q produces "twittery" sound which does not add "big" punch at all.

What do you mean by "more pronounced".  It can already boost signal by 12 dB.

yeah i now its 12db but somehow i think the older version was more agressive...i guess..but nevermind...its fine as it is..thanx for ur reply

You are welcome!
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