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Regarding the mix compressor in Max Punch:

The Mix Comp knob has a hint of "Overall LF mix compression drive (dB)."

What does that mean?  Is this a compression ratio?  If I set it to 2, does that mean I have a compression ratio of 2:1?

I see no threshold or attack/release controls.  Does this control mean something different?  A one knob compressor?  If so, I'm unclear as to how that works.  Negative values do what?  Positive values do what?

BTW, the Punch knob is a fantastic effect, able to do wonders for loud overcompressed mixes that have little dynamic range that typical studios are releasing these days, plus do the same for enhancing the kickdrum in a stereo mix one might have from a live recording.

It is a one-knob compressor like the one available in Crunchessor or Voxformer.  The parameter you adjust is a genuine “drive” parameter.  Negative “drive” values equate to a diminishingly smaller compressive action.
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