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first of all stunning plugin!

i have a question about the saturator module.

I don't understand the relation between X-Over frequency and the hi pass and lo pass filters provided by the saturator module.

The X-Over frequency determines the LF band which is processed by the other stages, saturator included.  But why can you select frequencies above these LF band in the hi and lo pass filters of saturator? i thought that only the selected LF band is affected by the signal chain of LF max punch?  Do saturator module affect the whole frequency range of a sound ignoring the X-Over frequency?

Greetings and thanks


The Hi- and Lo-pass filters in saturator are applied AFTER saturation takes place, to the saturated signal alone.  Since strong saturation produces higher frequency content, it can be sometimes useful to reduce it.

Thanks Aleksey,

that makes sense..... saturator affects only the LF band selected by the X-Over frequency and creates new higher frequency content which can be reduced.

Have a nice day and keep up the absolute stunning work....


You are welcome, thanks for your feedback!
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