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This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.

hi aleksey,

this is something i brought up a while ago at kvr and i cant remember the answer. i made a suggestion about adding an high pass filter to lf-punch.

its use is 2 fold in much electronic music:

a: to add punch and tightness. for example i find the phase shift and freq response change made by a fairly steep phase warping hp filter can add percieved punch to a kick drum, probably quite similar effect to your phase parameter.

b: to remove unused low freq content, dc, and just undesirable 'mud'.

a hp filter with adjustable slope would of course be best. but maybe this doesnt fit into lf's vision?



Actually, I think this parameter will be only adding 'dirt' and electricity static-like transients.  On the other hand, I've implemented HiCut parameter in the last update - to reduce excessive high-frequency content.

interesting. i've always found high-passing useful to remove mud/dirt (although maybe my meaning for dirt is different to yours?). and how do the static-like transients come about? is it due to the phase shift in the lows that pushes up highs in the transient? that maybe part of what i like i guess?

i find that because with kik drums the lowest freqs make up most the end of the waveform, removing some of them has similar percieved affect to shortening the kiks release, hence the 'tightness' i feel.

would you agree with this simple understanding? sorry for being so inquisitve, i just want to learn.


If you high-pass original low-frequency sound you won't have anything left.  But if you high-pass distorted low-frequency sound all you'll have are higher harmonics which usually sound like static if they were produced from the lower frequencies.

In the case of LF-Punch you can select the center frequency that gets 'punch', so there is no real sense in having a high-pass filter: just do not apply 'punch' to frequencies lower than, say, 100 Hz.

I understood your overall idea, but I do really think that 'Center' parameter available in LF-Punch is enough for fine-tuning.

hmm, now i see the potential confusion and why you use the word 'static'.

when i talk of high-passing a kick i mean with a cutoff (-3db) somewhere between 40-80hz . i find in a lot of breakbeat style club/dance electronica, 80-150hz is the kick area that is emphasised, and below the kiks fundementle its nice to be clean for the subs fundementle, so they both 'connect' in a solid complementary manner. high passing the kick is an important part of what i personally do to get it sitting right with every dance track, since most sampled kicks contain 'rubbish' below the fundementle.

maybe i can send you some clips of the context i describe before we miscomunicate any further? i could combine it with the peak reduction example. is that ok? or if you are not concerned thats fine since its your vision, which btw ive tried to make sure i understand from the product description and manual to keep from suggesting/questioning something out of the processors intended purpose.



Please send your example files to
This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.