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Using the test tones that Vovengo Deconvolver generates, I record wav files with IR's.

I then trim the files to match up with the sweep start of the tones that Voxengo Deconvolver generates.

Sometimes that works well, other times I get strange frequency responses after running Deconvolver.

When I get strange responses, I usually add 0.010 of digital silence to the beginning of the file I recorded, and that usually solves the odd frequency response problem, sometimes it doesn't.

Is there a standard amount of time that should be present at the beginning of the recorded file before the recorded sweep starts playing in order for the deconvolver to work consistently?

I do not see any documentation on your site about silence before the recorded sweep but only extra file length after the recorded sweep.

If you email me, then I can send you my sweep and convolved file example to try for yourself in order to troubleshoot, if this is not a known issue.

Thanks for the help.

There's no standard amount of time you should add exists.  Usually you do not need to add silence at all, but if the recorded impulse response is non-linear (modulation, saturation) you may need to add an unpredictable amount of silence.
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