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I am trying to generate 24 bit 96 KHz mono files of the following length using Voxengo Deconvolver v.  1.9.3 to use in Samplitude X3 to use to record impulse response files that I can later deconvolve using your program.

When I open the 0.50 second frequency sweep wave file in Sony Sound Forge Pro version 11 (build 345) to verify file length.  The Voxengo generated file seems to be half the length of what I specified in the Deconvolver using Test Tone Gen.

For example, if I specify in your program 0.5 seconds, then the generated file is only 0.249 seconds long.

Any other length I specify in the test tone generator is correct when I check the length of the file in Sound Forge.  I have done this multiple times to check that I have not input the wrong time in error when generating the file.

Am I doing something wrong by trying to select this specific length or is there a bug that can be fixed in the test tone generator for that file length at that resolution?



I'm unable to reproduce this issue, so can't tell what's wrong.
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