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I generated a test tone from deconvolver, processed it into my DAW to apply an Eq, and when I try to reopen the new modified audio file in Deconvolver to process it, I get " error occured while trying to load test tone file - 007 - File open error".  I've tried to google the error message with no luck.  I even tried to open the original generated file (unmodified test tone) with the same error message.  Both files are PCM wave mono audio files, 16/44


This error may be associated with the folder you are using, it may contain letters in the path not recognized by Deconvolver.  Unfortunately, I can't give a better guidance about this error.  From program's point of view, this error happens if Deconvolver is unable to open the file due to unsupported (e.g.  Unicode) characters or access mode limitations.

I moved the folder to another location and it works now.  Not sure why though, but thanks for your help!


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