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Forums     Plugins     Impulse Modeler and Deconvolver Step by step instructions for making IR from reverb plugin?

Read the manual but unclear on exactly how to make a True Stereo IR from a reverb plugin with Deconvolver.  The first thing is how do I get the 4 files: LL, LR, RL & RR?

Do I make a Test Tone of L sweep and another of R sweep, run these through my reverb plugin (as an insert or post fader send?), and get two stereo files?

Then split these two stereo files into 4 mono files.  So the two stereo files would be:

Left Stereo sweep: L channel = LL R channel = LR

Right Stereo Sweep: L channel = RL R channel = RR

Is this correct so far?

True stereo IR is 2 stereo IRs.

At first you capture the stereo response by sine sweep panned hard Left.

Then by sine sweep panned hard right.

Thank you.  I understand this.  But I'm using REVerence to use the impulse response and it requires a 4 channel file.

I've gotten it to work, however, the impulses sound different.  The original is clear and bright and the sampled impulse response is darker, smeared and the stereo image is off (even though I've gotten the order of the files correct).  Any ideas?

No idea.  If the device you are recording is "linear", there should be no difference.  If modulation takes place in the device, recovered IR may sound different.
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