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Forums     Plugins     Impulse Modeler and Deconvolver Recorded sweeps: Sample precise editing of the start necessary?

Well, I am actually creating a huge amount of Cabinet IRs - and due to mic distance, DA/AD conversation etc etc the recorded sweep is of course a couple of samples delayed compared to the source sweep.

I want to maintain phase accuracy in the end - for example to be able to combine mics.

What I wonder is:

Is it necessary to manually edit the beginning of the recorded sweep so that the exported audio will start sample precise with the beginning of the wave form?

Another thing: When I reamp the sweep - I have a short *plopp* in the beginning of the recording.  Of course I can avoid that by applying a very short fade-in to the source sweep.  But is this good?

Thanks a lot in advance :-)


In most cases yes, you have to manually remove the leading silence in a response.

Getting "plops" may be normal, all that matters is the final response.

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