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quote from earlier answer from you folks regarding issue with IR's having a sweep left after deconvolve:

"This problem is known: the fact you get a trace of the original sine sweep in the deconvolved impulse file tells that the device (in its particular mode of operation) you are recording has some sort of non-linear behavior - it may have harmonic distortion or chorus/phaser like behavior happening.  This situation cannot be resolved by any means, because Deconvolver can only produce impulse responses of linear time-invariant (LTI) devices (rooms)."

If I am trying to sweep another IR reverb and the original recording of that IR was indeed made at 44.1kHz, could that lead to the same issues?

Would that then also mean that any 44.1kHz IR used in a 48kHz project has inherent issues in itself?

And just so you know, no I'm not going to pirate IR's from one manufacturer to another, it really just started out as an experiment, and rereading your response to another question got me thinking again.

No, a high-quality resampling does not introduce any sweep artifacts.  If you get such artifacts when sampling an existing IR reverb, it is either because this reverb introduces non-linearity or was originally released with sweep artifact.
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