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Forums     Plugins     Impulse Modeler and Deconvolver Sweep tone present in resulting IRs but much faster.

I'm using a 20 second sweep tone with the fade in option and I've just spent 24 working hours recording sweep tones in churches.  I tried to deconvolve the files tonight and get a sweep tone in the resulting IRs but much faster - 4 or 6 times as fast as the orginal sweep tone.  What is happening?

You are probably either using a wrong sinewave for deconvolution (different length), or sample rates do not match.


I'm using the right sinewave.  I double checked several times.  I was able to deconvolve by checking the MP option but I'm not sure what this does other than it does not preserve the timing between IRs.  Why does the MP option work but the reversed technique does not?

Another reason is some kind of distortion made it into the recording.  MinPhase mode, to put it short, minimizes group delay of the impulse response and this may have a grouping effect on the sinesweep.  But you may not be getting the exact impulse response this way - only a usable one.

You have to get rid of non-linearities in the recording path.  Make sure there are no harmonics nor discontinuities present in the recorded sine-sweep.

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