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Deconvolution of test tone and recorded test tone give impulse wave.  To check this output, convolution of test tone and impulse wave should give a file similar to recorded test tone.  I am not getting it.  Am I doing something wrong?

This may happen if the device you are sampling is non-linear.

Your software is considered one of the best 1D deconvolution software.  Deconvolution finds the solution of a convolution equation of the form: f * g = h.

where "f" is calculated based on "h" and "g" .  I have single row matrix data of "g" and "h".  I can convert it in wav file, if needed.  Can you guide me how to find "f" using your software.

Deconvolution is "f = h/g". "h" is the recorded sinesweep, while "g" is the original unprocessed sinesweep test tone file.

Thanks Aleksey.  I finally checked and it was working perfectly.  Only thing I have to transpose tone matrix.

I have now another problem.  I have to use a really big file of about 10 min of 44.1 K .  I get a error message "Error occurred while processing file Out of memory" .  Is there a way I can overcome it?

No, there is no way to overcome this "out of memory" problem.
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