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Forums     Plugins     Impulse Modeler and Deconvolver IM: going from sabin to .imm parameters

Searching for sound absorption coefficients of various materials, I keep finding things measured in Sabins, which seems to be a standard unit for sound absorption.  But I'm not sure how to go from Sabins to decibels.  I guess there's no "real" way as Sabins is per area as a fraction of sound lost, and decibels is logarithmic..  Any suggestions?

From what I know, Sabine is a linear scale value relative to "no absorption" value (=0), so you have to convert it to decibel using the formula 20 * log( 1-Sabine ) / log( 10 )

How does the sustain value affected the freq damping?

From the user manual: "Sustain affects the general power of a ray, without frequency dependance."

Please study the user manual as well.

I was hoping to get advice from users..  The manual is very short for how complex the operations are..

My question was how the sustain value affects freq damping, meaning what is the relationship between the two?  If all frequencies were dampened at -2db, and sustain value was also -2, would that be the same as all freq damped to -4 and sustain value at 0db, or sustain value at -4db and freq damped at 0db?

Yes, it's the same as -4 dB sustain with all freqs set to 0 dB.
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