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Forums     Plugins     Impulse Modeler and Deconvolver Arbitrariness of rendering?

I set up a room and made it 100% symmetric.  It has 2 emitters and 2 mics; both are symmetric positioned.  After rendering the one emitter rendering is louder than the other: Why?

Ps: Are there alternatives to Impulse Modeler?

Greetings, Manu

I suggest you to increase the number of rays and make sure emitters are really symmetrical - they are having the same emitting cone and angle.

I know no Impulse Modeler alternatives that can be used for musical reverb design.  3D architectural impulse modelers do exist.

Hi Aleksey,

the number of rays are already set to maximum.  I am not sure if 1-2 pixels of difference are important for differences in the IR?  Unfortunately (like in another thread I created) I do not have the possibility to set up the emitters 100% exact like I want in the angle; the cone is okay, but if I try to change the angle just a bit, nothing happens; the first change appears if I move my mouse fast and wide (at least to fast and too wide for exact angle adjustment).

What are examples for 3D architectural impulse modelers?  What are the differences between these and the Impulse Modeler?

Thanks for reply.

Greetings, Manu

Well, Impulse modeler is not a scientific tool, so it has some imperfections - I do not plan to fix these.  For general reverb impulse creation use it's adequate anyway.

I can't tell architectural impulse modelers names from memory - please use websearch.

ODEON is one.  It is some kind of pricey for most people:

I've been able to get some very nice very musical "rooms" out of Impulse Modeler.  It can take a while to get there.

Try out the command line interface, and start up a few batch files with changing parameters for each iteration.  Walk away from the computer.  Come back and test the results.

Thanks fo your reply.  This ODEON is indeed very expensive. ;) At the moment I try using Reflektor from NI, which has nice rooms.  Moreover I also bought Rayspace, which isn't that authentic, unfortunately. :(

At least I'll get my verb somehow.

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