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Hi there,

I am not sure, if I am the only one with this problem.  If I set an emitter and tr to turn it, it hardly turns.  It rather opens and closes the emitter than turning it.  If i want to turn the emitter I have to make bigger fast mousemovements and then the emitter often times turns to much and not like I wanted it to turn.  Is there anyway I can solve this problem?  I guess new updates won't come for IM?

greetings, Manu

Indeed, emitter editing is a bit clumsy - you have to move the mouse left-right to change the angle.  Up-down movement changes the cone.  New updates to IM are not planned at the moment.

Well, the principle is great and minimal, but unfortunately IM seems to have problems recognizing left-right movements.

At all the impulse modeler is a cool principle.  It's a pitty that no new updates are planned yet.  I think that this software would be a deadly cool tool, if there would be just a few improvements in the handling, precision and GUI.  But this is just one opinion of a single guy.  If there is no more need from other musicians, it would make no sense; I understand.  Thanks nevertheless!

Greetings, Manu

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