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Dear Aleskey,

I am just beginning to use the deconvolver demo and am struggling with how to generate a sine sweep test tone.  What sort of file do I need to put into the test tone file box?  I can't seem to find out how this works from the help page.

Thanks so much for your help in advance and sorry if this is a silly question!


You do not need to put any external file.  In that box you may specify an output file name.

At the moment there is a file selected in the "test tone file" box and it won't let me delete it.  When I click browse it wants me to select a file that already exists (says file not found when I try and type in a new name).

I'm assuming you are using the "Test Tone Gen" option.  There, when you press the "Generate" button, the application asks you for the output file name.  You should specify a non-existent file name - you may also leave default file name.

The "Test tone file" selection requires an existing (previously generated) test tone file.

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