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I have some video (mono) recordings of my band from a very-high ceiling hotel ballroom with a very dominant reverb I would like to remove or reduce.  Natural reverb is a convolution process, so I searched the net for "reverb deconvolution" and came upon the Voxengo link.  However, after reading the information about the Deconvolution Reverb VST plugin, it is not clear that this is the tool I would need to achieve what I need to do.  Therefore, being one who likes to be sure a S/W app is the correct on before purchasing it, I simply wanted to ask the question: does this plugin remove reverb?

It is usually hardly possible to remove a reverb from a recorded sound track with deconvolution.  Deconvolver was designed for plain reverb capture via special "swept sine" test tone signal.

I suggest you to try noise reduction plug-ins or TransGainer plug-in to push reverb a bit back.

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