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I have a Sony discman that has a mega bass setting that does something with the low bass (below 80 Hz) that I really like (and also adds some highs to balance the sound).  Overall it seems to me it's probably just an EQ curve, although it sounds like the D/A converters are adding/doing something else to the sound, but in any case I can't quite figure it out.

I'm wondering if I could use the deconvolver to to get close to the sound.  From what I understand, I figure I could put a sine sweep onto a CD, play the CD on the discman and record the output from the discman's headphone jack into the audiocard of my computer, and that would be the "impulse capture."

If this is correct so far, I'm wondering what the best length for the sine sweep would be, how much silence to record (before and/or after) and anything else I should pay attention to (i.e what settings on the deconvolver when deconvolving) for this situation.

I have an understanding of how this deconvolution works, but one thing I'm not clear on is what I do with the deconvolved file, or how I use the deconvolved file to apply the eq curve to other recordings.  Is there another piece of software I use for this?  Any help would be greatly appreciated, or if there's a better method to accomplish what I've described above, please let me know.  Thanks!

Yes, you can use Deconvolver for this task.  You may use 12 second sweep and record about 2 seconds of silence before and after the sweep.

Deconvolved file should be used in "convolution" plug-ins like Pristine Space.

Thanks for your response.

I tried what you suggested but I'm still not getting a good impulse.  What I did was add 5 seconds of pure silence before and after the 12 second sweep generated by deconvolver (I added the silences in my wave editor).  Then I burned this recording onto a cd and played it via my sony discman.  I let the discman start playing before I hit record on my computer since the discman produces a "thump" when it starts playing a track.  So, I end up recording 4 full seconds of "discman silence" before and after the sinesweep.  Then I take the original sinesweep and edit it down to only 2 seconds of pure silence before and after the sweep, and process this and my discman recording in the deconvolver (the discman recording is essentially 4 seconds longer than the sinesweep file).

I got an impulse file that does produce a similar eq curve as the discman but is inconsistent, particularly in the bass range.  I have a recording in which the organ produces a nice rumble (especially on the discman) when it produces sound in the 44 Hz range, but Pristine Space seems to "miss" some of the instances when the organ reaches that frequency.  It almost seems like it's dependent on the volume of the recording- it will emulate the discman in that frequency range when the recording is loud enough.

The generated sinesweep was maxed out as far as volume, and I recorded from the discman at the max volume possible without distorting (which was considerably less than the volume of the generated sinesweep).  I'm wondering how much of a difference the amount of silence before and after the sweep makes.  I've tried different lenghts of sweeps (6, 20), and I tried deconvolving with just the sweep with no silences and none of those options worked.  If you have any further suggestions for me, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks!

The sound you get from Discman may be due to some soft saturation/distortion going on.  But linear convolution cannot capture this aspect of system.  Otherwise I do not see a reason for problems.
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