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I have a recording that was made in a very reverberant room, and I need to "dereverb" it.  Apart of the recording is a CD playng throug PA, so I think I could use this CD as my dry tone.  Am I right?

What would be the exact steps?  I've been tryng with deceonvolver, but can't get a dry signal.

Thanks in advance


I'm unable to offer you a complete solution for this problem.  I'm not even sure such solution exists.  It's possible to de-reverberate a single position sound source like speaker cabinet - in this case you only need to capture impulse response of the room in the same position.  But generally de-reverberation can't be accomplished with a "hi-fi" quality.  Simplest dereverberation can be made by using de-noising software like Redunoise.
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