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I'm not sure if I understand the intended way to make sets of True Stereo IRs using Impulse Modeler.

For example; I would like to make a set of Left, Center, and Right files.

Should you move the receiving walls or the emitter for each IR you wish to Generate?

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No, the design will be static.  All you need is to assign the corresponding channel to receiving walls.  To create true stereo (paired) impulse you will also need to use emitter groups feature.

Thanks for the reply,

I think I understand what you are suggesting, but it's not clear to me.

Should I:

1) Place the receiving wall "mics" in position and then leave them there?  Yes?  No?

2) Generate the IRs from Left, Right, and Center emitters?  Yes?  No?

If that's the case...  I am beginning to understand the reason you have emitter groups.  I'll need to consider that for a while to grasp the concept.



1) Yes

2) not certain.  True stereo impulse comprises of TWO stereo impulses.  I'm not sure why you are referring to Left, Right AND Center emitter.  I think you do not need Center emitter.

Yes of course, In my mind I am including the Center for instances where one might compare it to the True Stereo pair.  I can see how it is confusing.

I took the oppurtunity this morning to use emitter groups and now realize why you have set them up the way you did.

Thanks so much.

OK, you are welcome!

Hi there,

I tried this method.  Unfortunately it seems that there is no effect in stereo placement.  I even set recepting walls and emitters to the extrem just to hear a difference: nothing happens.  It allways sounds like the sound is in the center.  Sometimes it sounded like the channels where wrongly crossed, too.  That would be no great problem; but the biggest problem is the true stereo-try without an achievement.  Am I doing something wrong or does it depend on the software, which is possibly not good enough for this?


Manuel senfft

Sorry for posting, but I think i found a method.  It seems to depend on the mic walls: You have to place a left-recepting wall 100% on a left corner of the room; same with the right-recepting wall.  So my setup will be: recepting walls to the absolut side of a room + 2 emitters; one absolut left, one right.

Maybe this could help someone else. :)

I must admit that Impulse Modeler does not always produce results you expect - mainly because it uses randomization during generation process.
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