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Forums     Plugins     Impulse Modeler and Deconvolver Window Type in I.M.?

Hi, I'm working thru some tests to audition the way each parameter in I.M. works.

I have tried the Window Type setting as Cos2>, Blackman, and Hamming all with a Window Size of 600.

I don't see any difference when I zoom in in a wave form editor.

What should I expect?



Well, the Window type setting is very technical (which I could easily remove from user selection) - there is difference, but it's probably not worth a note for general use.  Window size is more obvious.

Thank you for the reply,

Is there any circumstance where selecting one window type creates a noticeable difference in character?

I haven't done a null test yet but it seems that a test like that is the only way to discern a difference in the files I have prepared.

I am testing all the parameters of I.M. to gain familiarity ..  I appreciate the tip about the window size.

best regards,


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Window size does change the precision of frequency-specific damping.  Window type does not really have any major significance.

Thanks for the further explanation.

I took some impulses I made in I.M. with different window types and tried a null test.  The original impulse files peaked at -3dBFS.  After the null test I found activity below 1000kHz peaking at -73dBFS but peak RMS was at -133dBFS.  I surely can not hear a difference. :-)

thanks again,


Yes, that's to be expected.
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