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Hi Alexey,

is there any possibility of creating automated variations of the same design in Impulse modeler?

As you maybe know from my last post /movement in reverb -PS forum article/,there is very large amount /in hundrets/of IRs needed to obtain naturally sounding reverb for pipe organ.So all I do these days is generating hundrets of variations of IRs for every organ,its VERY slow work-not a problem-BUT it needs me sitting in front of pc and waiting till IR creation is done,than I only change /increase/ variation number in option page,and wait for another IR and so on...So I would very much appreciate If this could be automated somehow.



Please use emitter groups feature in Impulse Modeler - it was created exactly for that purpose.  However, that way you may automate sound source positions only.  If you need various reverb tail lengths you still have to change parameters manually.

Thanks very much Aleksey for your brief answer,it looks like I have overlooked this interesting feature.

I will test it deeply,but so far I didnt find the way for easier variation creation I have exactly asked -most of the time I want only to change COLOUR of variation IRs /=automatically change RANDOM SEED value/,NOT to change entire reflection schema /=change EMITTER position/.I hope I have explained it better this way...

And another question -I have intalled vesion 1.9 instead of 1.8 today,and it generate very different IRs of my design from 1.8 version,so far I didn found any visible difference in designs betveen these versions,it very strange..

Yes, it is possible that v1.9 generates a bit different sound - but it should be mostly "variation" difference.  Unfortunately, I'm unable to fix this as this difference appeared after I fixed some problem in previous version.

Its not only variation,in version 1.9 generated IRs of same design are also a little bit shorter and much more quieter/I dont use autonormalization usually/.But its not as big problem,I can install previous version to fix this.

Have you any idea about my main question-generating multiple IRs with different random seed value in one go-?

Unfortunately, I do not have plans to update IM anywhere soon, so automatic random variation rendering won't be implemented.
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