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Hello Everyone,

The Impulse Modler and Pristine Space Light are fantastic.  I have just purchased both.  I have already started building models.

I am a little bit confused about Emitters and Reception walls.  I have a couple of pretty basic questions.  I have read through the documentation and quite a few posts on this forum.  I didn't find what I was looking for.  I am not quite confortable enough with the software to build test models to determine the answers.  I hope that one of the kind members of this forum might know the answers and can share them.

1.  Emitters: can emitters be considered similar to speakers in the model?  For example, if a guitar sound is convolved with an impulse; it should sound like it is coming from the emitters.

2.  Recepting walls: which side of the recepting wall receives the rays?

a. >>>rays>>>> -| ?

b. >>>rays>>>> |- ?

c. >>>rays>>>> |- <<<<rays<<<< (both sides)?

I hope that you can help.



1.  Yes, emitters can be considered speakers.

2.  The answer depends on the polar pattern you have selected for the recepting wall.  If you have selected Omnidirectional or Bidirectional then C is the answer.  A is the answer for Cardioid polar pattern.

Hello Aleksey,

Thank you.  This really helps.

You must get tired of hearing this, but I will say it anyways: your products are incredible!



You are welcome and thank you for your support!

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