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Would you consider to add the possibility that deconvolver would also support multichannel audiofiles besides mono/stereo as of today.  I do surround reverbs from time to time and with pristine space supporting multichannel files (and nuendo for recording/editing) this would speed up the process slightly and help with organizing also.  I'm using individual mono files at the moment and this work pretty good now that you can turn off normalize.

/anders hannus

This is currently in the plans.  By the way, in which application are you going to create multi-channel files to deconvolve?

Nuendo (V2.2/3.01 or later)

I works very well, One track fror playback of "testtone" and one track (muti channel) for recording.  The same way as with stereo only that not all applications support multichannel filer.  Cubase SX (V2 i guess and 3 at least) works the same way.

/anders hannus

OK, thanks for the info!
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