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thanks for a good program!

1.  I would like to ask if you have any plans to add a feature to record multichannel impulses, so that you could build easily a surround reverb from Impulse Modeler + Pristine Space?  Right now I have to record first a stereo impulse, then move my receiving walls, and do the same again, and go to another program to mix these two stereo impulses to a multichannel WAV.  It would be better if one could define "Left", "Right", "Center", "Left surround", "Right Surround" for the receivers. (The .1 channel "LFE" could go directly through with no processing in Pristine Space.)

2.  Also I would like to be able to change the size of the room without also changing the size of the "microphones" (receiving walls) at the same time.  You get unwanted artifacts if the "microphone setup" is changed together with the room - e.g. not only the reverb but also the stereo width changes drastically.

So I would prefer a separate window with an independent scale control where you could design your "microphone array" and put it anywhere you like in the other window (which contains the room).

3.  Furthermore, it would be really great to have channel assignments also for the emitters, so you could have a full matrix of impulses FROM several channels TO several channels (I know, it would require very much processing time and CPU, but it would sound fantastic...).  This would also have to be separately supported in Pristine Space, I suppose.  E.g. full surround TO full surround would mean 10 separate mono impulses. (As far as I understand, the current Impulse Modeler is only FROM mono TO stereo...?)

4.  I can't find any easy feature in Pristine Space to make an existing impulse shorter.  The Offset and Length controls only seem to cut from the beginning of the impulse, but I would instead like to keep the beginning and just attenuate the end more quickly (using an exponential decay envelope).  The SIR convolution plugin has such a feature. (I know there is an envelope in Pristine Space, but as far as I can remember it's linear, so you have to try to draw a curve that looks like an exponentially decaying funtion if you want it to sound natural.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

What do you think?

I'm currently finishing the next version of Impulse Modeler which will feature multi-channel support and should allow you to partially do what you want in '3'.

Latest tests showed that mic modelling implemented in Impulse Modeler is not ideal and so it has some limitations.  Changing recepting wall's length should not affect the sound in a bad way as it changes the overall 'sound' only (but not fundamentally).  Putting larger recepting walls is actually a preffered technique as this captures more spatial information.

Indeed, Pristine Space does not allow you to adjust envelope's volume logarithmically.  Do you think adding a 'log vol' switch may help here?  But then again, how much attenuation do you want to get?  I may allow 0..-40 dB envelope scale for log volume envelope.  Do you think this will be enough?

I think the problem with changing the room size is not so much that each mic gets bigger, but that the distance between any two stereo mics also gets enlarged, which completely changes the spatialisation.
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