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Forums     Plugins     Impulse Modeler and Deconvolver Shape of test-signal / periodic output impulse response / Linear sweep

Hi everybody,

trying my first steps and getting to grips with the Deconvolver i tried several scenarios

of test-signals and transfer-functions in order to evaluate the outcoming impulse responses.

First of all this tool is yet unbeaten in terms of "value for money" as far as i am concerned.

But lack of experience may have left me with some odd results, i can not quite understand...

With the logarithmic sweep proposed by the software as test-signal, results tend to be fine... but...

when using a "home-grown" linear sweep (range: 20Hz-10kHz), the obtained impulse response seems to be periodic and i just can not figure out how that comes about.

The applied settings were:

- NO MP or MP

-NO reverse technique

Did i miss a critical point in that best results are only to be obtained by using LogSweeps as input or did i apply the wrong settings?

Any advice would be highly appreciated!

Best regards,


It's hard to tell from your words what's wrong.  Usually, any file should work fine.  However, depending on the non-linearity of the result, some test tones may fail to produce a decent deconvolution result.  Also make sure you are inserting enough silence into the file.  Another very important thing to understand that non-reversed technique works poorly with band-limited signals: what you will be getting is mostly a randomized oscillation in stop-band regions.
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