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Forums     Plugins     Impulse Modeler and Deconvolver Is there a limitation on wall segment count?

Is there a limitation on wall segment count?



You can define up to 150 segments in a single design.


Is there any hope that the number might double in a update?

I'm fascinated by Impulse Modeler and conversant in architectural drafting and 3d illustration...  I'm wondering how far you are going to go with IM.

It's a great program.


No update is planned for IM, unfortunately.  IM is pretty "self-sufficient" for 2D impulse modeling.  It can be improved, of course, but I do not have spare time for improvements right now.  Beside that I do not want to make it overly complex to use.  If I ever get to updating it, I'll probably simplify it even more.  No 3-D for sure.

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